Cosmetic Surgery ?
Science & Technology has its limitations and sometimes surgical interventions are necessary to achieve specific expectations in some people. If we are unable to satisfy your needs we will refer you to a qualified surgeon & issue a refund towards your surgery.*
You may wish to consider some of the Guaranteed Non Surgical Alternatives at Body Basics.
Regarding 'Non Surgical Alternatives' "The Medical Observer" stated that "Significant improvements are achievable in most cases."
However we are mindful of the fact that sometimes Plastic Surgery is the best solution.Therefore if we cannot be of assistance Or If at the end of our treatment we are unable to satisfy your expectations we will refer you to an appropriately qualified and experienced plastic or cosmetic surgeon and give you the opportunity to speak to satisfied patients that have in the past been referred by us.
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If you are not completely satisfied with our results or eventually decide to have cosmetic or plastic surgery our unconditional Guarantee will extend to you a refund towards our referred surgeons recommended fees.

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