Why do many of our services concentrate on the Lymphatic System?
Nobel Prize winner Dr Alexis Carrel proved that good health depends on Lymphatic circulation and that; stagnant lymph and acidosis are responsible for two of the most serious signs of ageing *Atrophy & *Degeneration.
The main function of Lymph nodes is defence & white blood cell formation ( the nodes are mainly located in clusters and are bean shaped ) acting as filters for particles such as bacteria, cancer cells & other debris preventing them from entering the blood and circulating throughout the body.
Doctors usually check the side of neck, collar bone, armpits etc for swollen nodes which would indicate whether a persons lymphatic system is affected.
Unlike blood which flows in a continous circuit, lymph flows only once through the lymphatic system before being returned to the circulatory system returning amongst other substances, proteins, fats, and tissue fluid ( called introcellular or interstitial fluid.)
Nobel prize winner Alexis Carrel proved that our health is dependant on our Lymphatic circulation.
He demonstrated that the life of cells would be considerably prolonged if the lymph is renewed & that lymph stagnation is the cause of cellular degeneration, illness & eventaully death.
  The Lymphatic system is not only a defence system against microbial invasion and organic waste products it also plays a role in the healing of wounds and building tissues providing nourishesment necessary for cellular life.
Fast, regular lymphatic flow results in excellent quick metabolism wheras slow lymphatic circulation diminish vital functions, poisoning the tissues with their own waste products. The interstitial lymph becomes acidic creating a condition known as acidosis.
Interruption of the beneficial lymph flow can produce severe disorders.
A congested, sluggish or diseased lymphatic system can detrimentally affect our bodies with disorders that range from clogged skin, acne, rosacea, puffiness & congestion around the eyes, stiffness and oedema of the extremities, excessive adipose tissue, lethargy or fatigue; to lipoma, & serious diseases of the auto immune system.
In Aesthetic & Beauty therapy activating superficial lymphatic flow and improving or re-activating the bodys own cellular potential can assist in the regeneration of the epidermis & connective tissue to help achieve healthier more radiant and younger looking skin, improve the skin's metabolism, scarring, eczema, dried skin, defective circulation, puffy eyes, even fine lines & wrinkles.
The Myoderm utilises electrotherapy to activate skin & muscle tone, improve lymphatic flow and even infuse Skin care products ( iontophoresis ) based on the accepted science that:
1 all body fluids are conductive
2 there are voltage potentials across the membrane of all cells and
3 all atoms are bonded electrically.
Stagnant Lymph and ensuing degrees of acidosis are responsible for two of the most serious and visible signs of ageing * degeneration & atrophy

The cumulative benefits of using advanced Myoderm technology instead of conventional facials is acknowledged by the excellent results achieved.
Our Body Wraps also concentrate on the bodys' lymphatic system. The graduated compression method of bandaging stimulates lymphatic flow.
We also apply a solution to the body for improved benefits and results. Refer to information under Slim Wrap & Health Wrap

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