Body Basics Advanced Treatments & Advice
  For Progressive & Cumulative Results
based on: Proven Therapies & backed with a solid Guarantee.
All our Advanced Beauty treatments, Slimming & Weight Loss procedures are performed by Body Basics trained & accredited therapists using Exacting Standards.
We are more than just a Salon concept. With the combined effort from Biomedical Engineers, Therapists, Practitioners etc & more than 26 years experience in manufacturing & exporting medical equipment, our advanced Products, equipment and trained therapists are able to demonstrate amazing and progressive results.
'Body Basics' registered Products & Equipment are also used for training purposes in some of the more progressive and advanced schools.
The Body Basics registered range of products, equipment & services include: Myoderm, Slim Wrap, Health Wrap, Suddenly Slender & Cleanskins.See Body Basics Menu for next subject
All our Salon Services & Treatments are Guaranteed.
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