Myoderm the preferred choice for optimum results
  The New Approach to Healthier Skin & Body Treatments using Advanced Transdermal Technology.
Myoderm an all Australian company has through International research of procedures and equipment and in association with biomedical engineers, ( Used by Victoria University Chisolm Institutes and some private Beauty Schools / Colleges as a teaching tool.)
Treatments such as those sometimes known as Non Surgical Facelifts, Microcurrent Stimulation, Iontophoresis, Disincrustation, tissue repair, skin and muscle re-education etc. are only some of the capabilities of the Myoderm E.P.3000.
Microcurrent and Millicurrent Technology is also used in Electrotherapy & Electromedicine, it has been documented as being able to improve or boost circulation, re-educate, firm, tone and lift skin & muscle tissue whilst activating the body's own collagen and elastin cells, thereby improving complexion and reducing the visible signs of fine lines, wrinkles, puffy eyes etc.
The Myoderm E.P.3000 also increases the effectiveness of cream infusion, tissue repair for pre & post operative treatments etc.Comparisons have often been made regarding Surgical and Non Surgical alternatives, not only cost but results and risks too. In extreme or hard to treat cases obtaining Medical opinion is definitely a wise option however it may also be worth considering the less radical non invasive forms of Non Surgical Alternatives. According to the Sept 96 edition of "The Medical Observer" it was stated that "Significant improvements are achievable in most cases."
The Myoderm E.P.3000 is current driven and together with it's advanced computer electronics is able to deliver the precise amount of intensity and frequency required despite variable skin type or resistance. It is this advantage that assures accuracy and efficacy.
Varying degrees of long term neglect can be noticeably, ( even if only partly ) reversed since caring of Skin ( the bodys' largest organ ) is in fact a lifetime commitment.
Myoderms ability to work in harmony with the body encourages or assists it to achieve optimum results, even if only used as a preventative measure against seasonal skin damage & deterioration.
( The Myoderm is a more sophisticated transdermal body & facelift unit with many more options & future modalities which can or will be used as add on treatments to standard facials, weight loss acupuncture point stimulation or as separate, complete and special treatments.)
The acupuncture stimulation points for hunger suppression ( no needles ) are non invasive electronic current treatments used at precise points on the ear and body ( similar to that practised for thousands of years by the Chinese ) and specified in the "Australian Family Physician" Journal July 1998 edition. ( demonstrating a 95% success rate with hunger suppression")
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