Non Surgical Facelift 'Alternatives'
  Re Non Surgical Facelifts & According to 'The Medical Observer' "Significant Improvements are achievable in most cases"
Our Advanced Equipment, Skin Care products & Services offer affordable, painless & amazing cumulative results.
Facelifting Alternatives
Myoderm Electrotherapy, Serums, Skin Peels, Resurfacing
Skin Peels
As skin ages and changes over time due to neglect, sun damage and even lifestyle habits such as smoking & alcohol it loses its elasticity and youthful appearance. Facial Peels are treatments applied to the skin to 'peel' or partially remove the top layers of skin & stimulating the body to produce newer fresher skin.
Microcurrent Facelifts
On your first visit we treat half of the face using microcurrent stimulation (usually the profile you consider to be less toned or more wrinkled)
When comparing the two sides after the very 1st treatment you will notice the treated side will show measurable & visible improvements of between 10 to 30%.
Results will vary from person to person depending on age, sex, skin type, past & present lifestyle and past & present level of skin care commitment.
Skin resurfacing treatments or serums can be applied with the assistance of advanced Myoderm equipment for improved penetration and overall results of skin texture.

Some improvements are progressive & cumulative whilst others are non visible initially but assist in improving circulation & overall complexion.

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