Slim Wrap / Health Wrap
  Based on Medical Detox Procedure
The Graduated Compression method of bandaging is similar to the one used on slim wrap clients and
Complex Lymphoedema patients to improve lymphatic circulation.

After filling out a contraindication / client card we measure acurately(slim Wrap only) and then apply a special solution of minerals, trace elements etc directly onto the skin so that it can be absorbed transdermally to offer the renown benefits they have been chosen for. (See main information pages for details.)
Slim Wrap / Health Wrap


In step 2 either a graduated compression method of bandaging is applied to boost lymphatic circulation, or a thermal blanket is wrapped around the person (or both depending on the chosen or appropriate treatment)

During this relaxing period of approximately 45-60 minutes. The solution is absorbed osmotically & the body's lymphatic circulation is boosted. Nobel prizewinner Alexis Carrel proved that our health depends on good lymphatic circulation.

Slim Wrap / Health Wrap


All Bandages are removed. If doing the Slim Wrap we
re measure and compare the measurements with the ones taken before applying the bandages. If doing the Health Wrap the measuring process is eliminated all together.

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