Slim Wrap / Health Wrap By Body Basics
  Lose a minimum of 4" to 6 "inches (10-15 cms) minimum all over On your 1st Treatment
*Lasting Results will motivate sensible lifestyle changes to improve your metabolism & ability to burn calories
Based on Medical Lymphatic Detox Procedure
This is not a Plastic Wrap, Dehydration or Fluid Loss Process.
Ideal Program to lose a Dress Size & keep it off.
You can do it.
We can help you. Combined with exercise, nutritional and dietry advice you can achieve maximum results.
*This is not a fluid loss, plastic wrap or dehydration process.
Myoderm, Slim Wrap and Health Wrap are registered products of Body Basics
Guaranteed Immediate Results - On your first visit. ( or you don't pay )
  Why Slim Wrap / Health Wrap?

To Improve lymphatic flow ( detox the body ).
To lose inches & improve body shape-Fast
Help reduce cellulite and bodysize.
Tighten & lift, hips, thighs, upper arms etc
Tighten / tone loose skin after having lost weight.
Firm or tighten body tissue and improve definition.
To experience a more refreshed, invigorated, and youthful appearance.
To fit into recently "outgrown" clothing.
To nourish skin ( the body's 'largest organ') with an all natural Amino & Mineral solution.
Results motivate most individuals who try the treatment into sensible lifestyle changes.
Medically trained nurses use similar bandaging procedure on Lymphoedema patients, to improve their health.
Alexis Carrel was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work proving health is dependant on lymphatic circulation and that lymph stagnation is the cause of cellular degeneration that can lead to ill health.
(More information under Why do we concentrate on the Lymphatic System

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Myoderm, Slim Wrap and Health Wrap are registered products of Body Basics