Some of these benefits include:

Myoderms ability to; hydrate, infuse, nourish, detox and even actively transport ions can assist to; Revitalise, Restore, and even Rejuvenate the Skins appearance.

*as a preventative and defensive treatment for young skin.
*to adjust the ph balance, improve skin complexion and reduce acne.
*to re-educates skin & muscle tissue & reduce the visibility of fine lines & wrinkles.
*to transdermally hydrate & improve infusion of quality skincare products.
*Myoderm draws or directs blood and lymphatic flow to nourish and detoxify the skin & muscle tissue (By using the conductive ability of body fluids.)
*Myoderm reduces puffy eyes by drawing toxins & fluids away & towards the lymph nodes
*speeds (healing / tissue repair (based on the works of Dr. R Becker & the current of injury) using milli-current electrotherapy.
*Myoderm dilates or contracts blood vessels (increasing or reducing blood flow to the skin) to correct some skin problems.
*Myoderm can also be used as a complete or add on treatment to existing services.
*It can be used as a preventative measure against seasonal skin damage.
*Myoderms pre & post operative treatments are used to prepare the skin for surgery and improve elasticity and healing ability.
*The unique Interferential settings and advanced modalities offer improved and faster results than those achieved with other equipment.

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